Happy Valentines Day Everyone.


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Open letter


Woke up from bed

Pain I still felt

Seems no one cares

no love to share


But its a hearts day isn’t it?

baby, can we go out and have some to eat

Can we have our date late at night

And watch the skies and hold you tight


Can I please

would you ease

Wanting  to be with you

would you?


Cold ,Cold I felt those cold

My heart started to explode

You choose to ignore

Never bother you anymore



PS: He choose me to ignore

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This humble masterpiece made by a friend of mine Priya.

It’s not long ago We were together In that night club I was drunk So were you We didn’t see things As they were coming through Intoxicating moment Captivating you Spellbinding eyes Entangled fingers Osculating lips We were close Connecting my soul to you Amidst that screeching music I heard you Our eyes spoke Driving […]

via Just Friends…? — Wanderings of a lost soul…

“Tales from my Heart”


I want to run, I want to hide

From all the heartaches he caused inside

I want to shriek, I want to cry

Why can’t I just say goodbye


I want to move on, I just can’t let go

I love him more than he will ever know

I want to start over , I want to feel free

But this kind of twinge never leave me


He hurt me bad, the pain is deep

For all the moments he couldn’t keep

All the lies, I heard him say

Are in my mind barely never fade


How can I forget him, and leave him behind

Throw away the memories stuck in my mind

He doesn’t love me, and he never will

He’s just a friend and never care how I feel



“Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted too.”

Rural Maid

Rural Maid

Fernando Maramang

Thy glance, sweet maid, when first we met,

Had left a heart that aches for thee,

I feel the pain of fond regret—

Thy heart, perchance, is not for me.

We parted: though we met no more,

My dreams are dreams of thee, fair maid;

I think of thee, my thoughts implore

The hours my lips on thine are laid.


Forgive these words that love impart,

And pleading, bare the poet’s breast;

And if a rose with thorns thou art,

Yet on my breast that rose may rest.I know not what to name thy charms,

Thou art half human, half divine;

And if I could hold thee in my arms,

I know both heaven and earth were mine




After reading this poem i thought to myself, how lucky the maiden was to be loved by someone like the persona. In our modern times, a knight in shining armor is hard to come by so girls, if ever you do spot one Snag him right away! It’s a wonderful feeling to be loved by someone very much as the song goes” the only thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.”
The poem is so sad because the love is one-sided. Yet, even if the persona knows he is not loved back, he still loves her unconditionally. And it’s hard to find a man like him!

Miss Phatuphats

Miss Phatuphats



Yeyeng –  Yeyeng/Bb. Phathupats – punung-puno ng kolorete ang mukha; ipinanganak sa isang sulok ng Pampanga, sa pinakamaliit na bayan nito. Dahil dito, Pilipina si Bb. Yeyeng mula ulo hanggang paa, at kahit sa dulo ng kanyang buhok ay Kapampangan siya.

Amerikano – ang suki ni yeyeng , siya ang tumulong kay yeyeng para makapag aral ng wikang ingles

Theme: “Ang hindi marunong magmahal ng sariling wika ay higit pa sa hayop at malansang Isda”

Setting: School, Gambling place


-Yeyeng known as Miss Phatuphats was a pure kapampangan and full of accessories, cosmetics on her face

-Yeyeng is selling kakanin especially at the gambling house

-Yeyeng met an American, the American loves so much the kakanin of yeyeng but they don’t understand each other because yeyeng speak kapampangan and she doesn’t understand English language.

– The American approached yeyeng to come with him to study English language

-after 8 months of learning, yeyeng is now very good in English language and she suddenly forgot kapampamngan

– An occasion she attended at bayang X, she uttered that she never know how to speak in kapampamngan anymore

– All of the crowds judged yeyeng and everyone laughed at her

-Yeyeng cried and when she wiped her tears the real color of her skin revealed



Yeyeng was came from rural areas and poor that he sells bread, Yeyeng was full of make ups on her face.Yeyeng met  an American who always bought  her kakanin but because yeyeng doesn’t understand English language and she speaks kapampamngan they don’t understand each other. The American teacher was encouraged yeyeng to study English. After learning for 8 months yeyeng was already good in English speaking. She never speak Kapampangan anymore because she had really forgotten that’s she said it’s tough on the tongue. For this reason he classified as Miss Phathupats, due to the size of her waist and squeezed like kakanin on leaf more consistently ridiculed her  as well as she’s putting lipstick on her face just to fit his actions. One day, there is an occasion in Country X, which was attended by Miss Phathupats and there it whispered in public that she was not intelligent to speak in kapampangan anymore. Eventually everyone’s laughed at her and because she was so upset she spoke bad words in Kapampangan. And everone knew that she was really one of the Kapampangan and those who heard laughed so hard. Miss Phathupats cried and and when she wiped her face, her natural color revealed caused more laughter of those who had seen him.


“One who never looks back to the beginning will never get to his destination” a quote that is really connected to the story. It is not bad to learn a new language in fact it gives you some good advantages because it enables you to communicate with other people. They say that “One language sets you in a corridor for life; two languages open every door along the way” meaning Knowing a foreign language a part from your mother tongue represents a huge advantage that can distinguish you from “the crowd”. But knowing TWO foreign languages clearly differentiates you from all the rest, by reflecting your good master of language skills and communication. In the side of Miss Phatuphats was showed a bad influence to others because she forgot her own language she covered up who really she was. On her other side about putting a lots of make ups on her face was not good it’s better to be simple because simplicity is beauty. Be natural love what God gave you. Appreciate what you have maybe you can change everything but not your heart not what you came from.

Nunuk On The HIll

Nunuk on the Hill


The Nunuk on the hill short forth the leaves and twigs;

Then suddenly all its branches fell and I under it.

On what is left I cannot watch the boats on the sea

For I stand on the side from the sea.


I weep in my grief?

It was the sea that made me an orphan;

The sad news came to me in the roar of the breakers,

From the voice of the mighty sea currents.




Nunok is a kind of tree. Nunok was referred to a deceased husband . The wife of the husband was far from him and sea was their interval. The cause of death was when a heavy storm came, the boat sunk and no one survived the tragedy. His wife aling catalina grieving for the loss of her husband. The branches were referring to their children and all the branches fell to her. This means that she’s going to stand and raise her children alone. And because no one survives on that tragedy no one reported but the worst weather, noisy waves and big flows of the sea. It is difficult and challenging to be a parent and it is even more difficult to raise children alone. Just like aling catalina on the poem the mother, now that her husband gone, as a mother all the needs of her children will be in charge by her alone.


Baliwayway(Ilongot Baliwayway)



Ilongot Baliwayway


My son, now that you are still young,I compare you to a blooming flower,But, when you grow to be a big man,Maybe you will be a naughty youth;But, though my suspecions are like that,I just bear them all

Because, if you will grow, and have a long life, You shall take care of me when i grow old.I am then urging you to sleep,So that I can go out to the field and work,To plant; so we may have something to reap,to sustain our life:So that you will grow easily. And if you will grow to be a man, my son, you shall take my place on the farm.

You shall climb the tall trees in my stead; Cut the branches and the trunk, So that we shall have some place to plant rice To sustain us, while we are still aliv




The lullaby as one of the Filipino Culture we were in the close oriented family. Theres a saying that “ Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakaratig sa paroroonan” This culture was came from our great ancestors which we’re inherited that until now we still activated. The lullaby want to expressed about raising his son in a beautiful way and his father expecting that someday he will pay back by taking care of  his father and will continue about his legacy. All of us should know how to behold gratitude to our beloved parents because they work hard for our goodness to sustain our education. When we’re still young they took care of us, gave shelter, food and everything that we need. So never take them for granted. Show them that they are the treasure in our life and an amazing hero that we should be proud of.

Reflection about the Legend of Magat River


The legend of Magat River Photo By : The Great Magat River Philippine Evolution



  • Magat – Husband of the Maiden, The strong ,handsome, tall, great hunter
  • Maiden- wife of Magat, The beautiful girl, the crocodile


Setting: Bayombong, Forest, Cagayan Valley

Theme: “Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep”


-He was a great hunter and loved outdoor activities, He went to the forest and he discovered a large stream he had ever seen.

-He saw a beautiful maiden bathing on the stream, He saved the maiden from the snake

-Magat fell in love to the girl and asked her to be his wife, the girl agreed for a one condition.

-Magat won’t able to meet the girl at noon, magat had a promised

– Magat broke his promised and found out the secret of the girl

– He saw a crocodile on the maiden’s bed believing that the crocodile ate his wife

– He killed the crocodile and found out that the crocodile was his wife.

– Magat drowned himself at the stream where he had first met his wife


Once upon a time there was a strong, handsome, and tall man lived in bayombong. He was loved and respected with his co villages and envied him about his prowess. He is magat the great hunter. One day, magat went for adventure and there he found out the largest stream he had ever seen. He beheld on the grass and saw a beautiful maiden bathing on the stream. While staring at the maiden he saw a snake goes to the girl so he killed and saved her from the stream. Magat fell in love with the lovely maiden so he asked her to be his wife. The maiden agreed but for a one condition. Magat should not meet her at noon. Magat had a promised and they lived together. He built a cozy house for his wife to rest. After living for many days, Magat mounted more and confused about the activity of his wife at noon so he tried to discover. Magat saw a crocodile on the bed of his wife believing that the crocodile ate her .He got his spear and killed the crocodile andwhen he looked down he saw his wife whispering that why magat broke his promise that she will no longer be happy and no longer to live. Magat drowned himself at the stream where he had met and saved his wife.



“Don’t lie and don’t make promises you know you can’t keep” this is the lesson I learned about the legend of Magat River. Many people are pretty casual about making promises. As a result, promises are frequently made at the drop of hat with no real intention of keeping it. When you break a promise no matter how small it may seem to you. Alarm bells aren’t going to go off, but it can damage relationship or your reputation. Just like what happened on the story. Think about it, when someone else breaks a promise to you or gets caught in a lie doesn’t make you feel violated or cheated? You can’t help wondering whether you were wrong to ever trust that person. So never make promises you know you can’t keep.

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